Sample Cover Letters for Reporting a Case of Academic Dishonesty

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I will be reporting a case of


Office of Student Conduct
1206 Murphy Hall
Mail Code: 141501

Dear Dean [ ]:

It has come to my attention that a student cheated on a [course title] exam administered on [date]. The student involved is [name] [student ID #].

On [date], I administered the [course title] exam. The proctor for the exam, [name], noticed one student, [name of student], looking at another student's paper, [name of other student]. We did not interrupt the exam, but noted the seating pattern (see enclosed), and compared the two exams afterwards. Twenty-five of the 27 answers are identical, including short answers that are incorrect, and spelling errors. I have enclosed copies of both exams. We then compared the two exams to the rest of the exams and found that no one else in the course had made some of the errors which appeared on both of these papers.

I called [name] in to see me once we suspected the violation, and he/she denied copying anything. I informed him/her that I would assign a temporary grade of DR and was referring the matter to your office for resolution.

Should you need to contact me, I can be reached at...